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Photo of Laura Kotovsky, Ph.D. Academic Coach




Are you a student or recent grad struggling to engage with your work? Are executive function difficulties such as time management, lack of motivation, time blindness, disorganization, or writing anxiety holding you back?  Academic coaching is a form of executive function coaching which provides collaborative support and counseling to help students reach their academic goals.  Over the past 14 years, I have worked with students on the Autism Spectrum, students with symptoms or a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Anxiety, and/or Depression, as well as students who just struggle to stay organized and on top of their work.  My job is to provide resources, knowledge, encouragement, and accountability to help students figure out effective strategies to achieve their goals.

Laura L. Kotovsky, Ph.D.

Academic Coach

(she, her, hers)


"Laura provided a great structured environment to help me manage and organize my busy college schedule. She was helpful in workshopping ideas for projects and papers, and was especially valuable assisting me in organizing daunting research projects (including my final senior essay) into a more manageable process. Laura was flexible with meetings and available over text and phone when I needed the extra support. I highly recommend her service for anyone who wants extra stability in their academic pursuits." Katherine, Pomona College


"It can be a real struggle for a student who is intellectually ready for the challenge of a college like Harvey Mudd, but whose executive function skills lag behind. We were so grateful to be able to tap into the expertise of Laura Kotovsky to assist our student in building the skills needed to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. She supplied the right balance of scaffolded structure and encouragement to support the growth and development of needed organizational and motivational skills, while simultaneously holding our student to a level of accountability that ensured academic achievement stayed on track. Laura's belief in the ability of our student to succeed and the coaching she provided were instrumental to our student's growth in maturity and self-confidence during the college years, as well as increased academic success." - Proud parent of a Harvey Mudd College graduate   

MORE Testimonials from students and parents

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The Claremont Colleges · Pitzer College · Scripps College · Harvey Mudd College · Claremont McKenna College · Pomona College · Claremont Graduate University · California State University Long Beach· Columbia University · Connecticut College · Johns Hopkins University · Santa Monica College · Worcester Polytechnic Institute · Claremont High School · Bonita High School


Claremont, CA

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