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For graduate students the process of academic coaching is highly individualized and tailored to each student's needs. Graduate students working on dissertation proposals, or dissertations typically meet with me for 2 or more hours per week for intensive support with the writing process. Students working on exam preparation may meet once per week to structure their study time and then do frequent check-ins for accountability.


During a typical meeting we will:

(a) evaluate how things went since the previous meeting,

(b) determine goals for the coming week (and beyond),

(c) construct a detailed plan for how that work will get done, and get started

(d) schedule  “check-ins” during the week to make sure the plan is working or to adjust the plan if necessary.

Thus, there will be a goal-setting/planning aspect to our work as well as accountability and follow-through.


  • Establish a pattern of working consistently.

  • Break down large tasks into "doable" chunks.

  • Overcome the "threshold barrier" by getting tasks started in our meeting.

  • Critically examine your schedule to identify effective work times.

  • Check in between meetings for accountability and follow through.

Areas of Focus

  • Time Management

  • Procrastination

  • Motivation

  • Organization

  • Writing

  • Study skills

  • Test-taking skills

And More...

  • Writing: brainstorming, research, organizing, editing​

  • Reading: skimming, summarizing 

  • Help communicating with professors, deans, and disability support staff

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