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The process of job search coaching is highly individualized, tailored to each seeker's needs. Most job seekers will meet with me once per week,  During a typical meeting we will:

(a) evaluate how things went the previous week,

(b) determine what tasks need to be done in the coming week (and beyond),

(c) construct a detailed plan for how that work will get done, and

(d) schedule  “check-ins” during the week to make sure the plan is on track or to adjust the plan if necessary.

Thus, there will be a goal-setting/planning aspect to our work as well as accountability and follow-through.


  • Create a spreadsheet to track progress.

  • Break down tasks into "doable" chunks.

  • Create a daily schedule that supports a consistent work pattern.

  • Check in between meetings for accountability and follow through.

Areas of Focus

  • The job search process

  • Creating resumes and cover letters

  • Networking

  • Time Management

  • Procrastination

  • Motivation

  • Organization

And More...

  • Build hard and soft job skills while searching.

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